Roger Gamache, Pipe Major
Mark Rosbach, Pipe Sergeant
Coady Dinda
Brenda Donovan
Joe Hayes
Blake Hopewell
Brian Hopewell
Mary Jo Jollett
Oliver (Ollie) Kelly
Tim Kelleher, Drum Major
Olivia Cooper, Drum Sergeant
Anne Marie Finn, Side
Connor Kilty, Tenor
Paul Kilty, Bass
Sean Kilty, Side
Tara Kilty, Tenor
Greg Small, Side
Pipe Major Roger Gamache graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Education. He served with the U.S. Navy Band Pacific Fleet and the Northeast Navy Show Band as a saxophonist.  Roger went on to serve with the 215th Army Band as the official Piper for the Massachusetts Army National Guard. As an Army Piper he performed throughout New England as well as Europe. Gamache played with The Highland Light Scottish Pipe Band as Pipe Sergeant.  He then went on to form The Brian Boru Pipe Band, which he is currently Pipe Major. He has attended the Invermark College of Piping and The College of Piping of PEI. He has been playing Bagpipes professionally on Cape Cod for over 25 years.